Rossi says of himself and his project:

My name is Nick Sahli, but you can call me "Rossi".

I am a professional painter, printmaker, light maker and word artist residing in Minneapolis, MN. You can see examples of my artwork at My work has been seen at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Bluemoon Coffee Cafe, Joyce United Methodist Church, and at Rock the Cause's: A Night in Andy Warhol's Museum. Any questions, comments, or purchasing can be done through emailing me at moc.liamg@traissortaht

I am an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I came across a couple months ago when looking for insight on how to create tessellation art. I found the site really helpful and full of great examples. I thought you might be interested in the type of tessellations I am creating since first seeing this website. I also like graffiti art and I found it meshed well with tessellations.

You can see some of my work specifically with these and similar "graffiti tessellations" on my personal website.

It's been a fun and exciting technique to play around with, even without the use of a computer. Lots to draw, but definitely a neat result.