M.C. Escher 6
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In 1925 he produced what was really his first tessellation. It was a block print of 'lions' in which the subject interlocked and covered the plane! He block printed it on silk in gold and silver. He was disappointed that people were not impressed.

In 1933 he visited the Alhambra again with Jetta and both filled several notebooks with drawings. Once home, Escher began tinkering with one of the designs and turned it into a tessellation of weightlifters. He then started to draw them deliberately, producing camel, squirrel, and bird tessellations, etc. (See Galleries - Escher)

lion motif tessellation art by M C Escher
'Lions', 1st Tessellation by M. C. Escher (1925)
By permission Cordon Art - see site information.