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Escher was born in Leeuwarden in Holland on June 17th, 1898. He was the youngest of 4 brothers. He is usually referred to by his initials which stand for Maurits Cornelis. His family called him Mauk. His father was a civil engineer. The family moved to Arnhem where he grew up and went to high school.

His last tessellation was a solution to a puzzle sent to him by Roger Penrose, the mathematician. Escher solved it and, true to form, changed the angular wood blocks into rounded 'ghosts'.

Escher died in a home for old artists on 27th March, 1972. He had produced 448 woodcuts, linocuts and lithos and over 2000 drawings.

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escher tessellation based on penrose challenge (1971)
Penrose 'ghosts' - 1971
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