DIY print-and-fold cube with goldfish tessellation Tessellations in real materials like folded paper, clay, wood, lego, cookies... DIY print-and-fold turtle tessellation octahedron

Real materials 31:

A do-it-yourself print-and-fold papercraft tessellation of goldfish on the exterior of an 8-sided platonic solid, an octahedron.

diy fish tessellation paper octahedron
8.5x11" JPEG Coloring Book Version 8.5x11" PDF Coloring Book Version
8.5x11" JPEG Decorated Version 8.5x11" PDF Decorated Version

  1. Download one of the patterns, in JPEG or PDF format. Print it out. Make sure that the printing hasn't changed the heigh-to-width proportions: all the triangles are equilateral, meaning that their sides are all equal length.

  2. If you've downloaded and printed one of the coloring book style versions, color and decorate all the fish.

  3. Leave the 5 white tabs attached, but cut out the entire shape as one big piece.

  4. Fold the shape into 8 equilateral triangles with 5 white tabs.

  5. Leave the tabs attached where they are, but tape or glue all the white tabs under the nearest tabless sides.

  6. You should end up with a solid-looking paper sculpture that looks a little like two 4-sided pyramids stuck together. You should see 8 triangular sides and 24 seamlessly connected fish.