Escher-style Non-Tessellation Art by Seth Bareiss ("Sethness")

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M. C. Escher is as well known for his warped perspective & trick perspective art as for his tessellations. I was first attracted to his perspective works and hyperrealism, when I was around 12. It wasn't until someone challenged me to make a tessellation, when I was around 30, that I got interested in tessellation. How about you-- do you like trick perspective? Can you do some? ~~ Seth Bareiss, webmaster of

Trick perspective in the Escher style, a spoof of M C Escher themes
The Fall of the House of Escher
Trick perspective: sketch of arm drawing something in MS Paint on a PC screen
Drawing in MS Windows' Paint
Trick perspective with a rubiks cube
Rubik's Crib
trick perspective with a person and a tree
Paper Thin
Trick perspective art by Seth Bareiss
Great Crate
trick perspective sketch by sethness
Trick perspective scenery
Still Life,
The Rest In Motion

Ambigrams are words written in a clever way. Some are reversible-- the same upside down and rightside up, or forward and backward. Some show opposites like "up" and "dn" (short for "down"), or "devil" and "angel". Some, like Alain Nicolas's, aspire to be even more clever than that. Although M. C. Escher never did ambigrams, and most ambigrams are not tessellations, I think this kind of art somewhat belongs in, which is aaaaaall about Escher-style symmetry art

Ambigram of my initials, S.A.B., by seth bareiss
Ambigram of S A B
Ambigram of my initials, SB, by seth bareiss
Ambigram of S B
Ambigram by Alain Nicolas of France
Ambigram by Alain Nicolas
Ambigram of Thailand by seth bareiss
Ambigram of Thailand
Ambigram of OHIO by sethness
Swing State: Ambigram of OHIO
Ambigram of WOODY by sethness
Ambigram of PAT by sethness for patrick snels

ambigram for Patrick Snels
Ambigram of SNELS by sethness for patrick snels

ambigram by Sethness, for Patrick Snels
Ambigrams of PAT and SNELS by Bruce Bilney
PAT & other ambigrams by Bruce Bilney
Aloha Ambigram
ALOHA ambigram by Sethness
OAHU Ambigram
OAHU ambigram by Sethness
HAWAII Ambigram
HAWAII ambigram by Sethness
KAUAI Ambigram
KAUAI ambigram by Sethness
MAUI Ambigram
MAUI ambigram by Sethness
LANAI Ambigram
LANAI ambigram by Sethness
Ambigram of JP / PJ by sethness
ambigram for Jolene Peapealalo

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