Guest School Gallery 3
Art by Students of Extended Studies Coordinator Brenda Senack

in her 2010 4th Grade math 4 extensions group of New York State's Geneva City Schools

Ms. Senack writes, "This lesson was part of my math 4 enriched class as
an end to geometry/triangles/rotating & my math 4 extensions group.
In the math extensions, I try to incorporate art with math.
The enriched class is pulled from the regular class and I teach at a faster pace and throw in some higher end items."

Ms. Senack based her lesson plan on a tutorial she found here at You can download her tessellation lesson plan in PDF form here.

Click your mouse on these small sample pictures to see the large full pictures

  pirate tessellation tiling tiling pizza tessellation art interlocking cow tessellation art Flower Tessellation Art icecream tessellation  
  Pirate Convention
by Shannon
The Ghostly
Pizza People
by Elizabth
Cow Mania
by Alan
Flower Function
by Ally
Downfall of Icecream
by Shyla
  dodecahedron 3D tessellation jigsaw blocks tessellation ghost tessellation hexagon tessellation escher-like flower tesselation
  Ghost Galore
by Jason
Dragon's Breath
by Kahlan
by Tori
Old Man Jenkins Everywhere
by Cooper
Z Flower
by Margot
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