teacher clare keegan and her primary 4 students at Oakgrove Primary School, Glasgow, Scotland
(This may or may not be a photo of Ms. Keegan's class.)
Teacher Ms. Clare Keegan and Her 8-year-old Primary 4 Students
JUNE, 2014

Glasgow, Scotland

Interpol and the Scottish Humane Society have asked you, the public, to contact the Humane Society if you see any of Ms. Keegan's kittens. They are sought for questioning in the wake of several fishmarket heists in which suspicious soft fur was left behind.

Ms. Keegan says,

"We followed the instructions for the Tracing Paper Slide/Translation method to create tessellation art." (My favorite method! ~~ Seth) "Of the four tessellations I have sent you, three of the artists edited the outline on the original drawing." (This is important, to show that the artist truly understands how altering one side of a tile affects another side, too. It's a surprising amount of tessellation skill in these 8-year-old children, though. ~~Seth)

"The yellow tessellation by Sophie D., which is a random-looking creature I’d have to say, was not edited but I felt it was quite striking with the colours and is accurately enough done if you were only aiming for a yellow monster creature in the first place." (We actually have an essay on this website, explaining why blobby random creatures are a good choice of theme for a first-time tessellation. ~~Seth) 


"My pupils attend Oakgrove Primary School in Glasgow, Scotland, up in the north east corner of the Atlantic. (And here was me thinking I was in the centre of the world…)  (That makes them the furthest-away artists shown on which is based in Hawaii. The previous record holder was a school in Indonesia which showed their art here last year. ~~Seth)

"They are, as stated, aged 8 so are in what we call primary 4." (This makes the Glassites holders of a second record. I believe they may be the youngest artists to ever show their tessellation artwork here. Most of our artists don't have fur or tails, either. ...I'm just sayin'...How do kittens hold pencils, anyway? They haven't got thumbs. ~~Seth)

Click on any Polaroid™ to see the complete tessellation it represents.

If you

  • know how to contact these kittens,
  • know whether they have heisted catfood lately,
  • know how to find Glasgow on a map,
  • or want to show us some of your own tessellation art,

please contact's webmaster or The Scottish Fold Society for the Feeding of Suspicious Cats, Glasgow Chapter™

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