They're baaaaaaack! (Run for your lives!!)
Hawthorne Elementary School, REACH Math Class of Ms Sorrentino
& Part-Time Zoo

Elmhurst, Illinois

4th Grade Math Teacher teacher Ms. Sorrentino says:

Ms. Sorrentino is a Game Warden, Prison Warden, and Part-Time Math Teacher. Pictured above is her latest  zoo  class of  inmates  REACH bright math students at Hawthorne Elementary School in Elmhurtswhenitfalls, Ill&noisy. Every year, despite police warnings, she locks her 4th graders in a tiled room with some paper, marker pens and a very unhappy class pet. This year, she told her students "Revive this Lost Art! Make Art Live AGAIN!!!"

Click on any Polaroid™ to see a large version of it, with a description that's occasionally true...mostly by accident.
For extra fun, check out this gallery of Flexify 2 graphics program add-on, applied to Ms. Sorrentino's class's art.

The kids looked dubiously at Art, the class pet. He didn't look lost. He didn't look dead, either. He looked back at them nervously. Or maybe he was relaxed. It's hard to tell with hamsters because they're naturally twitchy. Anyway, he didn't LOOK dead or lost, so the students asked Art, "Have you bought the farm, become a grassroots supporter, joined the invisible choir, grown fond of harp music, or floated upward? Do you feel a little cold and sluggish?"

Art refused to answer. Before, whenever Ms. Sorrentino's class involved him in a "class project", they'd staple him to something or glue sparkly stuff to his fur or wrap him in so many mittens that his feet couldn't reach the ground. "Yes," he thought, "Quiet is safe."

He was soooo wrong.

Art was often wrong, but right to his way of thinking. For example, when his fuzzy little mind in his fuzzy little body decided that rice tastes better (to hamsters, anyway) than pizza and brownies, he took all the REACH students' puzzle and extra credit rewards (pizza and brownies served up by Ms. Sorrentino) and sent it to the Philippines for disaster relief. He then diverted to Hawthorne Elementary School the millions of grains of rice the REACH class had earned for the Philippines from

Art is now a national hero in the pizza-gifted parts of the Philippines. However, in the Hawthorne Elementary School cafeteria where plain white rice will be served every day for the next 3 years, there are hard feelings and evil plans for Art and those teetering tons of rice.

Click on any Polaroid™, which is a sample, to see a ginormously full version of it with a description.

The class assumed he was playing dead, and so they played at bringing him back to life: "We can do it!" shrieked Anna, in a way that made everyone a little more nervous & twitchy. "No gaps! No overlaps! Lots of lightning, like in Frankenstein movies!" Bradley and the others started to believe in their science, or at least to act like evil scientists. The whole class joined in with a happy "Muhahaha!"

They were halfway through strapping Art to a utility pole with purple glittery gluey stripes in his hair and two tiny copper wires stapled to his fur when Mrs. Sorrentino explained that this was a tessellation art project. To their credit, some of the kids were happy to unstaple Art.

Art has agreed not to sue after consulting with the Gym Teacher, Mrs. Schnauzertippitu and her lawyer, Mr. Grippleshnifferpikkentrudipu.

Vice Principal Hokkensnippersnoo and School Nurse Mrs. Flickenpuppipu would like to thank the REACH class for not permanently removing Art's fur this year, but would like to point out that the fur seems to have migrated to just one end of the animal. It now looks and shakes like grass in a high wind-- the fur, I mean, not Mrs. Flickenpuppipu. They also complimented the tessellation art, though they noted that the colors weren't as dramatic as the hamster's 2013 fur coat colors.

(The secret is the glitter glue. You can never use enough, except on hamsters.)

If you

  • want to show your or your students' tessellations on, or
  • know how to remove glitter glue from hamsters and vice-principals,

please contact's webmaster.

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