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Zaneis Elementary School, 4th Grade, Wilson, Oklahoma
"Peace, Love, Star Power: That's How We Roll"
2012~2013 Wilson, Oklahoma

These Escher-style tessellations are by Mrs. Aycox's and Mrs. Creswell's 2013 4th Grade Students from Zaneis Elementary School in Wilson, Oklahoma. Students used the paper cut method of making a tessellation after studying transformations (a way of moving from one point to another on a 2D grid...also called "sliding" and "gliding") in Math.

Click on any Polaroid™ to see a large version of it on a separate page.

This is the second time that the Zaneis School has sent us tessellation art. That's right: they're repeat offenders.

I'm sorry I didn't finish creating this gallery until the class had already dispersed for Summer Vacation. In my defense, this year I've moved to another counntry, changed jobs, started using a wheelchair, had a heart operation, been threatened with homelessness, and cured a broken thighbone by just "holding still" on a bed for a month. I've been more than a little busy. I hope you'll forgive me.  ~~ Webmaster Seth, August, 2013

Thanks for looking at the Zaneis Wildcats' art. We should be especially appreciative of this art: Cats don't have thumbs or even monkey tails, so they can't easily hold pens and crayons. I guess they use their teeth. Tessellations are hard; symmetry art from young cats is double-tough.

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