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Batari School, Indonesia. Mr. Huang 4th Grade Math Class
in Medan, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia
June, 2013

Oh NOOOooo! They did it AGAIN! Ms. Widya Huang's Batari School 4th Grade math class students have made a fresh batch of tessellation art, less than a month after we published their first batch. Yay! Keep'em coming, please! Enjoy this Escher-style tessellation art.
Students used the paper cut method shown on

Click on any Polaroid™ picture below to see a large version of it on a separate page.

Much of the beautiful symmetry art on this page is... and is not... tessellation. As abstract shapes, they tessellate: they cover a flat area without gaps or overlaps, like bricks do. If we think of them slightly differently, though-- as faces or animals-- many of these "tessellations" don't tessellate because parts of the faces or animals are hidden. They overlap. Tessellations must always be entirely without gaps & overlaps.

Art rules are a bit tricky and subjective, aren't they.