'Magic Mirror Image'

A Coloring Book by Hop David

Cover of Magic Mirror Image coloring book
from Dover Publications for kids ages 4 to 8
ISBN-10: 0486468194
ISBN-13: 978-0486468198
US $4 / 32 pages
A book review by webmaster Seth

Hop David is one of the best living tessellation artists. In this coloring book for kids, he's simplified some of his best work into easy line drawings.

Some of the designs, such as the "hermit crab with dog pattern" pictured at right, are quite complicated. Others such as Hop's ultra-simple "Christmas Tree" pattern, will be no problem for even the youngest children's crayons.

Each design is on an 8" wide, 10" tall page with space at the bottom for the child's signature and notes scribbled by the parents.

If you finish the book and are left wanting more, Hop has one more coloring book at Dover Publications. It's the same length, size, and price. The subject of this other coloring book is "Geoscapes", which appear to be circular tessellation patterns. Another version of the Geoscapes coloring book costs US $4 more, and includes a CD.

geoscapes coloring book by hop davidgeoscapes coloring book with CD by hop david

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Crab Shell with Dog Tessellation Inside Cats and Birds
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