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  • Tessellations.org started on 30th October, 2003. That's right, we're ten years old! wOOOhOOO!!! Dr. David, M.D., R.I.P., was our first webmaster. Seth is the second.

  • Yahoo! search engine named Tessellations.org a "pick of the week" in February of 2004.

  • Google gives Tessellations.org a PageRank of 5. This website receives thousands of visitors daily. It is the top search result for most related search terms on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Images.Google.com, and other search engines.

  • The visitors to this site are mostly high school, junior high school, and elementary school geometry students and their teachers. Therefore, Tessellations.org maintains a strict policy of content that is "kid safe": almost no bad language, no adult or violent content, and so on.

  • See 'What's New?' in the 'This Website' part of our menu for a list of, and links to, our newest material.

  • The best computer screen resolution to view it in is 1024x768 pixels or higher. It will generally fit on an 800x600 screen, but scroll bars will appear on the largest pages and the navigation menu may not work as fully as it should. The free Adobe™ Flash player plug-in is essential if you visit the animations section.

  • The site is NOT designed for old web browsers. Internet Explorer v.6, especially, is "antique" in the same way that dinosaurs' diapers are "charmingly old". If IE6 is your web browser, it's well worth your time, for modern website compatibility, for security reasons, and for so many more reasons, to install a free upgrade or replacement. Please use the latest version of your web browser. We like Firefox best.

  • The site is coded mostly by hand with the assistance of DreamWeaver™ by Adobe / Macromedia and Open Source Software "RText".

  • Tessellations.org was hosted from 2003 to 2010 for free by Yoyo.org to whom we are deeply grateful. These days, it's hosted commercially, for profit, by the inexpensive, environmentally responsible webhosting company GreenGeeks.com.