Viewpoints: Getting a Second Opinion-- trick perspective and warped perspective


This painting is full of M C Escher style tricks. The artist is working on a strangely 3D sketch. He appears at least twice and possibly five times in the painting. There are at least four tessellation patterns in the pink ribbon curled around his arm.

The painting mocks our desire to see this flat art as something depicting the real world. The artist's left arm is a little transparent, but the artist isn't bothered by that. The pencil is warped, not straight. The background is sliced, curved, and perforated. The artist's head is folded and pierced like a piece of paper. The painting toys with our sense of "up" and "down".

Maybe this picture is about objectivity: about how subjectively we can see things very differently depending on our viewpoint, and how the objective reality is a combination of multiple perspectives and a strong skepticism. When you look at the world, do you look at each situation from several perspectives? Do you doubt the assumptions and the rules? Some people say that's how good science-- the scientific method-- works, and the path to discovering the truth.