Is It A Tessellation Or Not?
"SWANS" by Abby V.

Defining tessellation through examples
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A kid's escher-style tiling of swans

This is a piece of symmetry art done by a child, Abby V. of Clearwater Middle School, Minnesota.
You can see her whole class's art here, on
...But, is this a tessellation?
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  • Is This a Tessellation?

    Webmaster Sethness's Opinion: YES.

    Sure, the birds' necks and chests look a little weird, but that might just be ruffled feathers. Most importantly, I'm looking at the art and I see a repeating pattern without gaps or overlaps. Clearly, that pattern could be repeated forever to fill an infinite 2D plane. I see a little inconsistency close to the center of the picture, where a neck meets a chest, and small inconsistencies where the beaks meet the tails, but these're small and easily corrected errors in the drawing, not in the artist's plan.

    I do that too. Nobody's perfect.