Is It A Tessellation Or Not?
Braden White's YODA

Defining tessellation through examples
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Star Wars Yoda Tesselation

This is a good piece of symmetry art by 9-year-old Braden White
BUT... is it a tessellation?
Put your mouse cursor on the green box below to see Webmaster Sethness's opinion.

  • Is This a Tessellation?

    Webmaster Sethness's Opinion: NO.

    The basic shape repeats perfectly. If this were just empty triangle shapes, it would be an OK and slightly boring abstract tessellation.

    However, if the picture above is a picture of Yoda, the answer is emphatically "NO, that is not a tessellation" because the blue triangles are air or space.

    Those are GAPS.

    After Webmaster Sethness explained this to Braden, Braden changed those gaps into 1950s-style spaceships. Now, it's a perfect example of tessellation! Take a look at Braden's new version, below.

    Star Wars Yoda Tesselation