Is It A Tessellation Or Not?
Cat Circle

Defining tessellation through examples
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circular symmetry of cats

This is a piece of symmetry art done by Dr. David, the original webmaster of
BUT... is it a tessellation?
Put your mouse cursor on the green box below to see Webmaster Sethness's opinion.

  • Is this a tessellation?

    Webmaster Sethness's Opinion: NO, definitely not.

    There are gaps-- large unused spaces-- in the art. Look between the front paw of any cat and the nearest tail. Look above each ear, too. Do you see a large unused space? I do. The "tiles" in a tessellation should fit together with only a thin constant line between them, like a jigsaw puzzle's pieces. Below, I've changed the gaps to green so they're easy to see. A proper tessellation would have no gaps.