Escher style Geometry Art from J. R. Masterman's 9th grade geometry class

Oceangoing Seals tessellate in this first-time tessellation by a 9th grade child
Oceangoing Seal Motif tessellation art by Keana, a geometry student

SEALS from Keana

Keana writes:

"First, I decided to draw columns of diamonds, and wanted to draw an animal small enough to fit inside.  So, I chose a seal, because I thought it was an easy animal to draw and made it look diverse and more organized.  So, I drew the seals in every other diamond, so they wouldn't look as crowded.  I used a diverse amount of colors to show how a tessellation can have different features, but still look organized enough"

To make this tessellation, Keana used "diamond shapes". Amongst pro tessellation artists we often call these shapes "kites". Have you seen Doctor David's animated kite tessellation? You may also be interested in the beautiful "kites and darts" geometric tessellations by the brilliant mathematician Sir Roger Penrose.

By the way, we live in a world of coincidences. Have you seen Doctor David's seal tessellation?

Seal tessellation art by Doctor David Annal

As you can see, the shapes of Doctor David's and Keana's seals is very similar, but that's where the similarity ends. These two people made very different artistic choices. They differ in their backgrounds, the colors, whether to show the upside-down seals... even whether seals have ears.

Now it's YOUR turn! Go make one! This is your invitation. What are you waiting for?