Escher style Geometry Art from children, students in J. R. Masterman school's 9th grade geometry class of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

symmetry art done on a digital canvas by Emily


This art has reflection symmetry, but it is not a tessellation. It has overlaps, which tessellations don't have.

So, why are we showing Emily's art on

The answer is simple:


Back when I was in College, my art professor gave us an assignment that I didn't understand. I did a good piece of art, but it didn't follow the rules the professor had meant to give us. He said to the rest of the class, "Follow the rules of the assignment. But... if you're gonna break the rules, try to do as good as this." He made me feel proud of my art, even though he let me know I ought to have done the assignment.

Now it's my turn to say "If you're gonna break the rules, try to do as well as this."