Escher style Geometry Art from J. R. Masterman's 9th grade geometry class

BIRDS tessellation by David Bailey, reproduced by Tiffany

BIRDS from Tiffany

These are pink and blue birds-- but they're also cats. They're copy cats.

The tessellation shows good hand skill. I hope now that Tiffany has confidence, her next tessellation will show more experimenting, trying to improve the shape or trying to start with a theme she invents herself. A good tessellation is wonderful, but add more originality to it and it's a whole new level of wonderful.
To help Tiffany do that,
here's a great, funny essay on how to choose a tessellation theme: "Choose Easy Themes".
The first page is about birds, so if you like this tessellation, you'll like that essay too. Below you'll see David Bailey's original "Birds" tessellation art from

copy cats. This is the tessellation pattern that was copied from David Bailey