Escher style Geometry Art from J. R. Masterman's 9th grade geometry class

abstract geometric Islamic-style Alhambra-style tessellation


In this tessellation, Peiwen shows marvelous geometry skills. It's pretty clear that this is not Peiwen's first tessellation.

Two short years ago, was strictly for Escher-style tessellation art. If the pattern didn't look like a real thing-- a fish, a fishingpole, or a fisherman for example-- we wouldn't show it here.

Now, we show "both kinds": Escher style, and this style. This style is called by many names: abstract tessellation, geometric, Islamic, and even "Alhambra" tessellation, taking its name from the famous Islamic mosque in Spain where Escher first got his inspiration to do tessellations. Escher's earliest tessellations are simply copies of Alhambra architectural art, painted into his notebook.

You can see why eventually changed its policy. Although this kind of tessellation is very different from Escher style, it still has that power to amaze and awe. You can feel the cleverness and power of geometry and by extension all physics and math.

Well done, Peiwen.