Escher style Geometry Art from J. R. Masterman's 9th grade geometry class

triceratops motif tessellation


In this tessellation, Lauren displays a good sense of color. She managed to get two shades of bluish grey that look really good together, yet don't blend, so the rhinoceroses are nicely separated visually. Even the outlines stand out nicely & clearly.

She pretty clearly used our "tracing paper" do-it-yourself tessellation lesson.

As a first attempt, it's well done. I'd like Lauren to try again, though, because during this first attempt she didn't venture too far past the tutorial. These triceratop outlines are a pretty close copy of the tutorial's rhino motif. L I think we'd all like to see what Lauren would do with a little more confidence and encouragement to experiment and invent. Keep on doing tessellations, Lauren. Now that you know how to do it, Lauren, challenge yourself even more. Show us how very creative you can be. :-)

The rhino motif from our "tracing paper" tessellation tutorial
rhino motif from tessellation art lesson