Escher style Geometry Art from J. R. Masterman's 9th grade geometry class

very good tesselation of birds, a first-time tessellation artwork by a 9th grade child

SWARM OF BIRDS from Cristelle

Are you impressed yet?

A Note from the Webmaster:
Cristelle's bird tessellation has good balance, flow, and understanding in its anatomy. I wish more of the professional tessellation artists would do work like this, instead of the blocky, awkward, disproportionate, over-stylized art that so many do. That kind of art is OK, of course-- but there's so MUCH of it! I'm very happy to see this kind of natural-looking tessellation art is on the increase.

However, Cristelle's work is not original. This design was first done by Mr. Jamal Jamalov, an automotive engineer from Baku, Azerbaijan.
See for yourself by comparing Cristelle's art with the sample of Jamal Jamalov's which appears below this line.

We hope that, now that Cristelle has proven she has the hand and eye for art, that Cristelle's next tessellation picture will involve more creativity.