Riverview Elementary School Tessellation Art Gallery

Elephant tessalation by a child, Destiny H. Children's Art tessellation, Escher Style Art


This symmetrical art is a good example to learn from.
Clearly, Destiny has artistic talent and imagination.
However, we can easily see that some tiger has been nibbling on the elephants' backside. That, or there wasn't enough clas time for Destiny to do that last mind-stretching step of tessellation art:
after we make a shape that tessellates, and guess what it looks like, if we have time and encouragement we should refine that resemblance.
I mean, we should tweak that shape to make it look more and more like the elephant.
And we shouldn't let tigers eat our happy elephants.

I'd like to see what Destiny would do with this tess, given more time and encouragement.
She can, I'm sure, improve the elephant's back and remove the water. (The water is clearly a stop-gap, drawn only to fill a gap that shouldn't be there in a tessellation. With time and thought, Destiny certainly has the brains and talent to make the stop-gap unnecessary.)