Riverview Elementary School Tessellation Art Gallery

elf and clown tessalation by a child face tessellation escher-style tiling

"Mocking Elf, Sad Clown" by Adrian G.

This is extremely clever. Honestly, as a tessellation, I wish that the backs of the heads looked more like... uhhh.. the backs of heads. However, this art is very smart art in every other way. The clown's mouth does double duty as the elf's tongue.
The eye placement is believable for the elf face and the clown face. The elf's chin and neck are a very believable shape, yet the clown's nose and brow-ridge are also believable.

I wish I could look into a time telescope to see if Adrian will become an artist or an engineer. Like me in my childhood (my mom was an artist; dad was an engineer) Adrian is developing strongly in both ways. Maybe, like Escher and architects, Adrian will find a career that combines art and engineering.