Riverview Elementary School Tessellation Art Gallery

Monster tessalation by a child, Jose V. Children's School Math Art: Cat head tessellation

"Cats" by Ganley H.

Ganley's tessellation is one of my favorites from Riverview.
It's a little lopsided, but the outline is very recognizable as a cat's face. After we make a shape that tessellates, the next step is to imagine what that shape looks like.
In this case, the motif is a cat. The last-- and maybe the most important-- step is to refine that shape.
Pull and push, tweak the outline so it still tessellates but it looks more and more like the motif.
I didn't watch Hanley make his cat, but it looks like Hanley took the time to tweak.
That's great for the art, and great stretching exercise for the brain!