tessellation of bunny rabbits
  Tessellation art by students in Primary 4 at Oakgrove Primary School, Glasgow, Scotland

rabbit tessellation

by Aissatou B.

The theme for this tessellation is a collection of grumpy and happy bunnies I guess the grumpy ones were the slowest runners in a hare-versus-tortoise race with Lauren's turtles...?

It's a good tessellation because it can completely fill a 2D surface without gaps and without overlaps. It also does a good job of looking like its theme, "rabbits"...although it must get pretty cold in Scotland, because some of those rabbits have turned b-b-b-b-blue.

Aissatou used my favorite method to make tessellations: the Tracing Paper method. With this method, the artist can fiddle with the outline by using both ends of the pencil. It's a harder method, but gives tessellation artists the chance to edit and improve their art, as Aissatou has done.

This tessellation repeats via the translation (slide) method. That means the bunny rabbits are all going in one direction, and at the same angle.

This tessellation is a clear example of the "TTTT" type in the Heesch tessellation classification system. That means, if the design is repeated forever, then each bunny touches four other bunnies, and translation (sliding) is the only way they repeat.

I've heard that other rabbits have other ways of repeating...but that might just be a rumor.