landscape symmetry art
  Escher style Geometry Art from Leanne Rider's 4th grade REACH class

symmetry art

by Jacob S.

Jacob writes,

"I thought of valleys by the two spikes on my tessellation. I added green in the middle and it started to look like a valley."

If we call this a tessellation, then it is Heesch Type TTTT

With the internal decoration looking like a green sky or a field of grass, this is symmetry art but not an Escher-style tessellation. That's because the sky is formless filler-- and the grass might be a sign of an overlap. Is there some field hidden behind the mountains? We don't know, because fields are formless. So... since a tessellation is "a repeating tile pattern that fills a plane without gaps or overlaps", we can call this a tessellation ONLY if it's not colored in with sky or grassy fields. Sky is gaps; grassy fields may be gaps or overlaps.