Escher style Geometry Art from Leanne Rider's 4th grade REACH class

abstract style tessellation art

by Tara V.

Tara writes,

"I wanted my tessellation to look like icebergs and the Titanic. But it turned out as one of my favorite ever foods. It’s angel hair pasta. This project is beautiful; simply beautiful!"

Tara has done a thing which none of her other classmates has done. Usually, that means a trip to the Principal's office or at least a note sent home to parents. In this case, though, it is NO BAD THING. Tara's made a tessellation with TWO, not ONE, tile shape. You'll notice that the upward-pointing shapes have handles likek frypans do; the downward-pointing shapes have no handles, and therefore should not be used as frying pans nor tennis racquets.

I have never been to Tara's home for dinner, and so I cannot offer an opinion about whether these shapes look like Tara's "angel pasta". I only know that in my home, pasta is thin and long, and rarely bright pink or dark green. It's quite boring-- my pasta, I mean. I can see why Tara's family makes it into more electrifying shapes and colors.

~~ Webmaster Sethness, Feb 2, 2014