abstract motif tessellation
  Escher style Geometry Art from Leanne Rider's 4th grade REACH class

swig mountains

by AJ S.

AJ writes,

"I chose to do green, blue and purple because they are mountains. Green, blue and purple are cool colors."

Heesch Type TTTT

I was willing to call this one "abstract", thinking that the shapes were not vey mountain-shape and the colors weren't very mountain-ish.

However, we do have a song that insists purple mountains exist, and are even majestic. Who hasn't seen a green mountain? And, all mountains look blue when viewed from a distance. I think there's even a group of mountains called the "blue mountains".

The tops of AJ's mountains certainly look at least hilly, enough to attract a population of hilly Billies. The bottoms of the mountains-- well, in uninteresting pictures the bottoms of mountains are always hidden in the ground, so we don't know what shape they might be. Maybe they do look exactly like the tops. Who can say, except miners and geologists? I'm neither.

~~ Webmaster Sethness, Feb 2, 2014