symmetry art
  Escher style Geometry Art from Leanne Rider's 4th grade REACH class

symmetry art

by Ali W.

Ali writes,

"I thought that a jigsaw puzzle would be great. I thought that a jigsaw puzzle of the world would be cool. And it was!"

Heesch Type TTTT

Strictly speaking, a jigsaw puzzle is an abstract tessellation, and is for another kind of tessellation: Escher-style tessellation. In an Escher-style tessellation, the silhouette alone should remind the audience of some other thing-- animal, flower, or other recognizable thing.

In Ali's tessellation, the outline is recognizably a jigsaw puzzle piece. A jigsaw puzzle piece hovers on the border between abstract and recognizable, because it resembles...well, it resembles itself.

So, that's good art, Ali, and no mistake. However, other artists who submit art to please send in Escher-style tessellations, in which the outline strongly resembles something else: pottery, presidents, puppies, purple flowers, and so on. Please exert yourself to modify the outline so it ssssstronnnnggggly resembles something else.

This is not to suggest that abstract tessellation isn't good tessellation-- only that we don't much collect the stuff at There are other important places where you'll find abstract tessellation. The Alhambra castle in Spain, for example, is full of the stuff and those tessellations will make you gasp in awe at their beauty and symmetry. The owners may not be pleased, though, if you add some new tessellation to the walls of their beautiful old castle. Ask first.