symmetry art
  Escher style Geometry Art from Leanne Rider's 4th grade REACH class

MC Escher style tessellation art

by Megan H.

Megan says,

"Usually it is music that inspires me but this time it is the sea. I named it 'Just Buddies' because the fish are looking at each other."

Heesch Type TTTT

The basic tile shape that tessellates in Megan's art is a rectangle. We should consider the wavy line where seaweed and water meet as merely an internal decoration. If, instead, that weed-to-water scrimmage line is a tile outline, then this is not a tessellation... because water, like space and air, is GAPS. Water has no defined shape, so unless we're looking at waves or the inside of a canteen, we aren't able to look at a tessellation of water and say "Yep, that outline could only be water and nothin' else in the world looks like that." An Escher-style tessellation, aside from having no gaps or overlaps, is made of the outlines of something -- rabbits, whales, cameras, roses-- something recognizable by its outline.

It should also be noted, for the younger viewers who may not yet know, that life isn't always this simple. Not everyone who stares at you is your buddy, even in the fish world. Sometimes it's a shark who missed breakfast, or a stranger-fish who noticed you put your tail and gills on upside-down this morning.

Some people, it should be noted, get paid quite a lot of money for putting their things on backward or upside-down. Madonna and small poodles in circuses are examples.

Fish and 4th grade math students do not, generally speaking, get paid for wearing their things in funny ways.