rabbit motif tessellation
  Escher style Geometry Art from Leanne Rider's 4th grade REACH class

abstract tessellation art


Erin writes,

"First I made a shape and I thought it kind of looked like a bunny. I then chose my four favorite colors to outline it and color it in. This is a reflection tessellation."

Heesch Type G1G2G1G2

We should probably call this art a beautiful "abstract" tessellation, not an Escher-style tessellation. If you want to submit art to Tessellations.org, please make it an Escher-style tessellation. An Escher-style tessellation looks like something-- bunnies, for example. In Erin's art, Erin hasn't tweaked the outline enough that we could guess "Hey, it's bunnies!" without the title to tell us it's so. The real trick to making a good Escher-style tessellation is exactly that: reshaping a shape that tessellates, until its outline strongly suggests the thing it's named for.