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monkey king tessellation a first-time make-your-own-tessellation, bird theme (eagles)

by Hunter W.

This tessellation shows translational (slide) symmetry.

The "tile" (tile = repeating shape) is very neatly, precisely reproduced and fits with all the other tiles perfectly, without gaps or overlaps. That's what a proper tessellation does.

If I offer any constructive criticism, it's this: 1) so many first-time tessellations are just heads, without bodies. Where are the bodies? Is this a picture of a French revolution massacre? How many kings, then, did the monkeys-- or the French-- have? 2) The beards or collars-- are they beards, or collars? In some tiles, they're brown, suggesting a chin tail. In other tiles, they're blue...which is fine for Bluebeard, who was a pirate and probably not a monkey.