main gallery of an elementary school art/math tessellation project

tessellation art/math project, bird theme a first-time make-your-own-tessellation, bird theme (eagles)

by Natalie S.

This tessellation shows translational (slide) symmetry.

The "tile" (tile = repeating shape) in this case is more than one animal. Ordinarily, we don't allow overlapping in a tessellation, but in this case each group of overlapping birds is the main "tile" shape, not individual birds. The groups of birds do not overlap. They're very neatly, precisely reproduced and fit with all the other "tiles" perfectly, without gaps or overlaps. That's what a proper tessellation does.

If I offer any constructive criticism, it's this: I wish the artist had made the groups' ("tiles'") outlines darker or wider than the internal lines, so it'd be easier for the audience to understand which lines are tile outlines.