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make-your-own tessellation art by a 4th grade student, bird theme a first-time make-your-own-tessellation, bird theme (eagles)

by Ryker P.

This tessellation shows translational (slide) symmetry.

The "tile" (tile = repeating shape) is very neatly, precisely reproduced. Note, for example, that each lower-right corner is exactly the same squarish shape as the other tiles' lower-right corners. Each frankenstein head ("tile", in tessellation jargon) fits with all the other tiles perfectly, without gaps or overlaps. That's what a proper tessellation does.

If I offer any constructive criticism, it's this: I wish the artist had tweaked the outlines so that the head shape would be more clearly non-random, and that the frankenstein bodies were included. Without the bodies in plain sight, an observer could say "part of the tiles are hidden behind the other tiles. That's an overlap, not allowed in tessellation."