Guest School Tessellation Art Gallery

escher style fish tessellation art by Gail Hendrix
boomerang tessellation art

by 3rd grade student Olivia Bergeon
at Lone Tree Elementary School in Colorado

Annette Bergeon writes, "Olivia was not part of the math enrichment group at Lone Tree Elementary (which begins in 4th grade) but she insists on doing everything her twin older brothers, Matthew and Andrew, do. She created this artwork at home to assist her mother in learning how to teach the Papercut Method of tessellation creation, as modified by Jan Miller, to her mother's math enrichment students. She finished it over her summer break."

Is this beautiful, symmetrical artwork a tessellation? Well, an expert couldn't say clearly. Why? --Because we don't know what's what in the picture. If, for example, those blue strips are motion lines in the air then this isn't a tessellation because tessellations can't have gaps. Air or water...those are gaps. Click here to read a better explanation of gaps and tessellation.