Escher style Tessellation Geometry Art from Widya Huang's Batari school 4th grade math class in Indonesia

cute alien monster tessellation by a child cute alien tessellation art vspace=


Leony's math teacher, Ms. Huang, writes "This one is made by Leony Sihotang. She was very proud of her work. She kept asking everyone, 'My aliens look cute, right?'"

Yes, Little Leony, they're very cute. Even their fangs and spare red-rimmed eyeballs are cute. My ex-girlfriend had fangs and eyes like that, but they weren't nearly this cute.

This is a classic translational (slide) tessellation. You can tell it's a translational tessellation because the aliens' heads are all at the same height and the aliens are all at the same angle-- they're simply repeated along the X axis (left-right) and Y axis (up-down), without rotation (tilting).

Is this a tessellation? Yes, because aliens-- cute or not-- can be any shape. Click here to read a short, funny essay about why aliens, monsters, and germs are good choices for the theme of your first tessellation.

cute alien tessellation art vspace=