Escher style Tessellation Geometry Art from Widya Huang's Batari school 4th grade math class in Indonesia

alien frog tessellation by a child alien frog tessellation art

ALIEN FROGGY by Jasmine Lawrence

Jasmine's teacher, Ms. Huang, says "When Jasmine's friends told her that it looked like frogs, she disagreed. That's why she named it alien froggy. She used the cutting method. Well, all of them did."

This is a classic translational (slide) tessellation. You can tell it's a translational tessellation because the faces are all at the same angle-- they're simply copied and moved along the X axis (left-right) and Y axis (up-down), without rotating.

Is this a tessellation? Yes, absolutely. There are no gaps. Nor are there overlaps. They completely fill a 2D plane.

alien frog tessellation art