Escher style Tessellation Geometry Art from Widya Huang's Batari school 4th grade math class in Indonesia

profile face tessellation by a child rabbit tessellation art rabbit tessellation art

SMILEY LIPS by Rhodrick

Ms. Huang, Rhodrick's teacher, writes: "Rhodrick Loowi was the first one to finish his work. He worked enthusiastically. Originally, he named it THE WOMEN WHO WANTED TO KISS. When one of his friends told him he sounds like a pervert, he changed the title."

This is a translation-type (slide, glide type) tessellation. You can tell it's a translational tessellation because the heads are all at the same angle-- they're simply repeated along the X axis (left-right) and Y axis (up-down), without rotation.

Is this a tessellation? Well, if we look at the faces NOT as faces, but as abstract shapes, then yes, this is a tessellation. However, if we say the shape is a face, then we have to ask "Where are the necks and bodies? If they're hidden behind other heads, that's a tessellation no-no."

See this example from the "Is it a Tessellation?" section of for a clearer explanation of why Rhodrick's ladies make...and don't make...a tessellation.