Escher style Tessellation Geometry Art from Widya Huang's Batari school 4th grade math class in Indonesia

face/head tessellation art by a kid Head/face tessellation art by an Indonesian 4th grade math student

MOODY ME by Vitto

This is a translational (slide) tessellation. You can tell it's a translational tessellation because the faces are all at the same angle-- they're simply moved up or down, left or right, along the X axis and Y axis, without rotation.

So, is this a tessellation? Well, the answer is both "yes" and "no".

If we look at each face as an abstract shape (not a face), then the shapes fit the definition of a tessellation: they fit together without gaps or overlaps, and fill the page completely. However, if we look at these faces as faces, then we have to wonder, "What's up with the chins? Are they melting, or hidden (overlapping-- a no-no in tessellations) behind the row of faces under each chin?" For a better explanation and example of this yes-no confusion, read this page in the "Tessellation or not?" section of