Escher style Tessellation Geometry Art from Widya Huang's Batari school 4th grade math class in Indonesia

bunny rabbit tessellation by a child rabbit tessellation art

COOL RABBITS by Rhodrick

This is a translation-type (slide, glide type) tessellation. You can tell it's a translational tessellation because the bunnies' heads are all at the same angle-- they're simply repeated along the X axis (left-right) and Y axis (up-down), without rotation.

Is this a tessellation? Well, if we look at the faces NOT as faces, but as abstract shapes, then yes, this is a tessellation. However, if we say the shape is a face, then we have to ask "Where are the bunny bodies? If they're hidden behind other bunnies' heads, that's a tessellation no-no" or "My goodness, those rabbits have only two feet, and those feet look like triangles! And the bunny bodies are small triangles too!!"

See this example from the "Is it a Tessellation?" section of for a clearer explanation of why Rhodrick's bunny rabbits make...and don't make...a tessellation.