Escher style Geometry Art from J. R. Masterman's 9th grade geometry class

guinea pig motif first-time tessellation by a child guinear pig symmetry art

GUINEA PIGS by Jennifer

I'm guessing that Jennifer used our website's "tracing paper tessellation tutorial". We should give her high points for creativity-- she clearly did NOT closely imitate the tutorial's example ...which is a very good thing-- I'm tired of looking at tessellations of cats that look exactly like the tutorial's example! We should also give Jennifer solid points for using color to differentiate each "tile" from its neighbors. (A "tile" in a tessellation is the repeating shape that fills the page-- in this case, the tiles are shaped like guinea pigs.)

So, is everything in Jennifer's Guinea Pigs ideal? Well, no. I'd really love to remind her of Step 14 in the Tracing Paper Tessellation Tutorial: "Tweak the Shape". It says, once you've created a basic shape that tessellates, and see that the outline looks vaguely like some animal, or fried eggs, or Mr. Taranta, you're not done yet! The creative part is still there, waiting to be done! Tweak the shape to make it look even more like your chosen theme. Until now, everything's been mostly accidental. From now forward, it's deliberate. This next part is mostly brainwork, and the most fun part.

Surely, Jennifer could've played with the outlines a little to show us more clearly the feet and tails and fur? C'min, Jennifer! Ready for Round Two? Send us a tweaked version of your Guinea Pigs, and I'll be very happy to post it right here.