Escher style Geometry Art from J. R. Masterman's 9th grade geometry class

bird motif first-time tessellation by a child


Nestellation is a good wordplay, and a very good tessellation. The contrast of grey and tan birds lets us easily see, from any distance, where one bird "tile" ends and the next begins. The pieces fit together without gaps or overlaps. The silhouette of each "tile" is recognizable as a bird, even if the coloring and internal lines were not visible.

This Escher-style art has rotational (spin, turn) tessellation symmetry. It's based on hexagons: each "tile" (each bird) is based on an equilateral triangle grouped with five others and rotated around a central point.

Purely for the fun of seeing how different minds see different interpretations in similar patterns, compare Nestellation to Rainbow Pinwheels by Emmett: One artist saw pinwheels; the other saw birds in nests. Can you think of other interpretations? Draw them! Show'em here on!