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make-your-own tessellation art by a 4th grade student, head theme (faces) a first-time make-your-own-tessellation, head theme (faces)

by Hannah L

This tessellation shows translational (slide) symmetry.

There are two "tiles" (tile = repeating shape) in this tessellation. One is a thin tall dark-skinned servant angrily sticking out his tongue. The other is a pale-faced fat king. That's not racism, though. In almost every culture, kings are pale because they're indoors, reading and negotiating and avoiding attack...and yes, being lazy. In ancient Europe, kings would even feign injured legs as proof that they had servants to fetch things for them. The 99% ...the real hard workers of history... are healthy, tan folks who get outdoors in the healhy sunshine. Of course, in modern industrial cultures it's often the opposite: the rich lazy 1% can afford to go tan themselves on a beach, while the hard-working 99% have to work hard, indoors in a factory or outdoors getting a "truck driver tan" that stops in mid-arm like zebra stripes.

As tessellation artists, we have to ask Hannah, "We see heads; where are the bodies?" The police want to know, too.