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make-your-own tessellation art by a 4th grade student, elephant theme a first-time make-your-own-tessellation, bird theme (eagles)

by Larin W

This tessellation shows translation symmetry (a.k.a. "slide" and "glide" symmetry).

The "tile" (tile = repeating shape) is very neatly, precisely reproduced and fits with all the other tiles perfectly, without gaps or overlaps. That's what a proper tessellation does.

I wish that the teacher (and all teachers who teach tessellation art) had encouraged the students to tweak the outline... don't just settle for the random outline you get in the early stages! For example, in this design, the elephants' trunks could have been improved... made longer to go up between the elephants above... and tusks added that would create tails on the elephants in front. Tweak, tweak, tweak!

This is a good tessellation... next, make it even better!