Escher style Geometry Art from Leigh Davis's Elementary School class in Lubbock, Texas

icecream theme, first-time tessellation art by a child math student a first-time tessellation with an ice cream theme


by Kassadi W.

This is tessellation shows translation / slide / glide symmetry. If you look at the picture as a group of diamonds instead of bowls of icecream, you can see how each is like the others, but slid down-and-to-the-right. There is no tilting (Rotation), nor mirroring (flipping), nor resizing, so its symmetry is pure translation.

Notice that Kassadi has used red glitter (Yum? Does it taste like strawberry?). Surprisingly few tessellation artists use any tools other than paper and pen, or a digital canvas. I'm happy that Kassadi is being adventurous, and I hope other artists will try experimenting beyond pen, pencil, and paintbrush, too.