Escher style Geometry Art from Leigh Davis's Elementary School class in Lubbock, Texas

'angry birds' game theme, first-time tessellation art by a child math student a first-time tessellation with an 'frogger and rap rabbit' theme


by Megan H.

This is a translation / slide / glide tessellation. My guess is, it was made using the "gaps" method, which usually generates two or more "tile" shapes. In this case, the "tile" shapes are Captain Frogger-Stripes and his rodent pal.

I'm not sure what the blue (Cape? Water?) thing is behind Professor Rabbit. If it's a problem. If it's water for the frog, then this is not a tessellation. Water would count as "gaps", free-form areas between the main shapes, and a tessellation by definition cannot have gaps nor overlaps. A tessellation fits together like a simple jigsaw puzzle.

The theme you see here appears to be entirely original characters, though I wonder if Captain "Frogger-stripes" got his stripes playing "frogger", a classic video game in which frogs try to cross a busy road with predictably messy results.