Escher style Geometry Art from J. R. Masterman's 9th grade geometry class

fish motif tessellation
fish themed Escher style tessellation art


Liam writes, "I cut it out and saw that there was a little mouth and then I saw that it had a fin on the back and something that looked like a fin on top and bottom, too. It inspired me to make a fish."

angry cat Liam says he got the idea when he found a cardboard box at home, cut part of it out, and found someone inside. It was his little brother he found, not a fish. Well.. MOST of his little brother. We're still searching for one sneaker and a sleeve. If Liam's little brother knows where those are, he's not telling.

Anyway, after Liam found his little brother, Liam glued some things onto the poor kid: some things that looked a lot like the corrugated sheet metal from the school roof, and a little like top and bottom fins.

And then Liam glued a cat to his brother. A real cat. A reeeeeally annnngry cat. Maybe that was going a little too far.

Liam's little brother did NOT look like a fish. He looked a lot like an angry boy, a little like Godzilla, and a lot like an angry cat glued to a boy, a box, and part of the school roof.

Don't feel too badly for Liam's little brother, because last week he got revenge. He glued twelve angry cats to Liam. Mrs. Sorrentino gave both brothers extra credit because the cats tessellated.