Escher style tessellation Art from Ms. Sorrentino's 4th grade math class

symmetry art by a 4th grade child
mirror image head theme tessellation art


Aiden says, "I was cutting out a shape and when I put it together in the tessellation I realized that they were repeating the same shape so I named it 'mirror image'."

Mrs. Sorrentino says the red faces look a little like Aiden on the morning of The Elmer's Glue Incident, and the blue faces look a lot like Aiden the next day,

but without the glitter and the smell of turpentine. And of course, by the next morning Aiden's sneaker was no longer glued to the school hall monitor, the blue spraypaint was turning a little purple, we found the missing turtle, and most of the corrugated sheet metal had fallen off. Mostly. We're still hopeful that some of the remaining sheet metal will come off, although the school nurse / welder isn't optimistic.

*Any resemblance between these faces, Elton John, and a triceratops is purely coincidental. That's our story, and we're sticking to it. So there.