gallery of m. c. escher style reptile motif symmetrical tiling pattern art

3D Spherical Tessellation of Alligators

"Alligator Ball"

This is a preliminary sketch for a work in progress. Note the degree of incompleteness: since I ordinarily don't show these early concept sketches to anyone, there's no need to take the drawing any further toward completion than the moment when I can say "OK; that will tessellate, and it won't bore people to death."

The 3D globe I'll eventually carve in wood or sculpt in "Super Sculpey", a plasticine clay that stays soft until baked at 125 degrees Centigrade for 15 to 20 minutes. Since the globe is dividede into 24 alligators-- 12 per hemisphere-- I may make a 3D rotating clock of it. I think probably 3 alligators will be out of position, holding up the globe rather than sitting amongst their brethren where they ought to be.